All services are centered around physical and mental health, whether you work with me on nutrition or training, I will make sure you stay focused on the bigger picture of sustainable health. I will guide you on becoming the master of your own body, trusting yourself and never feeling restricted again. I truly believe change and progress is driven out of of self-respect. My mottos include, "Quality of Life Matters", "Normalize Eating" and "Kale Doesn't Mean Shit if you Don't Respect Yourself"

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“Allison is unlike any other personal trainer I’ve ever met! What makes her different is that she treats each client in an understanding and unique way that caters to each person’s needs. She realizes that each person is different and has individual fitness and nutrition goals. She shows complete flexibility and knowledge when creating a plan for each client. She teaches the importance of self-love, empowerment, and the connection between physical and mental health. In addition to all of this, she also very personable and is open to speak about her own experiences. Allison is incredibly intuitive and treats all people with respect and patience. No matter where you are in your fitness/health journey, I highly recommend Allison!”


By changing the way I thought about what I was eating, I was able to change my body without feeling hungry all the time – I love it! I feel so much more in control of my body and my nutrition now! Allison is realistic and works with you to figure out what will work with your life. I feel great!! Thank you, Allison!”


“If you have the chance to work with Allison, do it! She is AWESOME! I was always hesitant to make the investment in personal training on top of monthly gym dues, but Allison’s expertise in fitness & nutrition coupled with the enthusiasm she brings to our training sessions far outweighs the benefits any group fitness class or basic gym membership can offer. Allison creates challenging but realistic programs catered to your individual goals and emphasizes the importance of form – something you won’t find in most group fitness classes. So needless to say, the investment has been, and continues to be, well worth it. I now have the knowledge and confidence to hold my own in the (mostly male-dominated) weight room and take my workouts to the next level.”


“Flexible dieting has provided me a framework to approach eating from a healthy new perspective.  In the past, I would eat to feel good which meant eating to feel full and typically over eating in the process. Now, I eat to nourish and fuel my body, letting my macro goals be my guide.  
The plan provides me achievable macro goals while not enforcing strict dietary requirements. I do not feel locked in to eating certain foods everyday.  And I am able to eat a wide variety of foods that align with my goals.  It provides flexibility when going out to eat or attending parties, teaching me how to intuitively make healthy, balanced choices.”