Can You Have Ice Cream In The House?

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Can You Have Ice Cream In The House? 

My clients tell me they can’t have “x food” (ice cream, chips, cake, etc.) in the house because they’d eat it all in one sitting (and not in a purposeful way but in an “out of control way”). I get it. I was there at one point too. BUT what if you didn’t have to FEAR FOOD? What if the presence of food didn’t cause you to become obsessive? Intuitive Eating taught me to NOT see food as good OR bad. It made me play around with my fear foods. And in the journey, SOME foods lost their lust with me. They weren’t that special any more because I could have them whenever I wanted. I actually found out what I craved and what tasted good to me and LEFT ME SATISFIED (byeeee plain almonds, gross).


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Now, I know the difference in how I wish to indulge. Like when I went to New Orleans and visited District Donuts with friends. I wanted all of the local noms (higher quality, foods I couldn’t get elsewhere) and I was able to enjoy it with friends which made it all more meaningful. I personally rather indulge in my mom’s homemade cookies versus oreos. I rather eat my grandma’s homemade cinnamon rolls then some grocery store brand. Intuitive Eating IS NOT an uncontrollable free for all/eat whatever you can stuff your face with. It’s actually about figuring out what sounds satisfying to you in terms of taste, “belly fullness” and what you’re currently craving.